Comprehensive Dental Services

At SmileMakers, we offer a wide range of dental services for patients of all ages. From teeth whitening and dental implants to sealants and veneers, patients trust us to deliver quality service with a compassionate touch.


Your smile matters to us. That’s why we take the time to review patient information , determine your specific needs, and recommend a plan customized to you. In addition to preventative care, digital X-rays, and emergency dental services, we offer the following services:

    • Dental Implants, Dentures, & Bridges: To replace missing teeth and restore oral function.
    • Crowns & Veneers: To restore shape and appearance to affected teeth.
    • Teeth Whitening: For a beautiful, bright smile.
    • Sealants: To protect teeth against decay.
    • Extractions & Endodontics: Root canals, removal of impacted molars, and other procedures available.
    • Orthodontics & Pediatric Care: We take care of our young patients’ teeth and offer braces for all ages.
    • TMJ & Grafts: To address jaw issues.

Our goal is to protect your teeth so that they’ll serve you well throughout the years. We can also repair broken teeth and revitalize your smile, leading to improvements in your dental health and a boost to your confidence.


At our full-service dental practice, you’ll find quality products for maintaining healthy, beautiful teeth. We offer a variety of choices to fit your needs and budget. Choose from products like Invisalign and Clear Correct clear braces, as well as traditional wire braces.

For teeth whitening, we offer Zoom brightening treatment, which provides up to eight shades of improvement in enamel color. Mouthguards are available for patients active in sports and other rigorous activities. The TheraSnore appliance can reduce snoring and improve sleep. Vizilite Plus is an effective early detection tool for combating oral forms of cancer.

Lumineers by Cerinate

If you’re embarrassed by your smile, then maybe it’s time to consider Lumineers by Cerinate. This quick and painless solution will cover up stains and correct misshaped teeth or unsightly spaces, all done conveniently and comfortably in our office.

Zoom! Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is now as easy as a one-stop visit to Dr. Joseph E. Eiswert at SmileMakers. In less than one hour of chair time, Zoom! can brighten your teeth by up to 8 shades!

Vizilite Plus

Early detection is the key to combating cancer. Vizilite Plus is the convenient way to detect oral forms of cancer in patients. Dr. Eiswert may recommend a biopsy if a suspicious area is detected.


Mouth Guards

Protect yourself or your child against dental trauma. We can custom fit your mouth guard to allow for maximum protection during physical activities.


TheraSnore Appliance

This customized dental appliance is placed within the patient’s mouth while they sleep to help realign the jaw and make it easier for them to breathe while sleeping and reduce snoring.


Invisalign allows you the freedom of wearing braces without the visibility of all the metal. While regular metal braces are still widely used, clear braces are becoming increasingly popular along with removable appliances that can be used for mild cases of misaligned teeth.


Clear Correct

Clear correct uses a series of aligners to straighten your teeth. Since the aligners are clear, most won’t even notice that you are wearing them!

Traditional Straight Wire Braces

Straight wire braces have been correcting smiles for decades. They use a straight wire to move teeth into the correct position.

If you live in the Apple Valley or Helendale area and are looking for a dentist you can trust, contact SmileMakers and ask about any of our services or products. Our friendly, professional staff is happy to consult with you and address questions you may have.

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