Imtec Mini Implants

Dental ImplantsDo you wear a denture and can not seem to keep it in place? Does your denture rattle around in your mouth when you speak or eat? IMTEC mini implant system may be the solution to your problem. Dr. Joseph E. Eiswert at SmileMakers is highly trained in the placement of IMTEC mini implants. This revolutionary patented implant allows the implants to be placed and within an hour you can wear your denture right over them. Like magic your denture no longer moves when you talk or eat. Call SmileMakers today for a free consultation to see if you are a candidate for the IMTEC mini implant system for denture retention.

Advantages of Mini Implants

IMTEC mini implants to support dentures have many advantages. first of all, bone loss may be at a maximum for those patients who have been wearing dentures for several years. The result is ill fitting traditional dentures which can cause denture sores from the constant rubbing of loose dentures. The stability the mini implant offers is priceless. No more denture sores. No more rubbing and constant worry of embarrassment of losing your dentures when talking or eating in public. The mini implant are small dental implants that can be placed in thin bone or in bone that traditionally could not accommodate an implant unless you undergo expensive bone grafting. Mini implants give your denture support like never before possible for the cost.

Affordable Dental Implants at SmileMakers

The cost of the mini implant finally allows more patients to enjoy the benefits of an implant supported denture. Because of the small size, the mini implant is an economical implant. Often, the mini implants can be placed and you leave wearing your denture on top of them! Of course every Cosmetic Dentist in Apple Valley is not certified to place the IMTEC mini implants. Dr. Joseph E. Eiswert with his extensive dental post graduate training is and is waiting for you to call for a free consutation for he affordable affordable mini implants.

Mini Dental Implants Heal Quicker

Mini implants are thinner than traditional implants. This means that they will be less traumatic to the jawbone when placed. Less trauma means quicker healing to the bone than traditional implant systems. When the implant is healed they can be used or loaded sooner. Dr. Eiswert will determine when you can wear your denture after implant placement. Often you can wear it the same day the implants are placed.

A Stable Denture Preserves the Jawbone

Traditional dentures may look fine initially, but what goes on under the denture particularly the bone health is alarming. The constant moving of an ill fitting denture besides causing mouth sores or denture irritation can cause your jaw bone to shrink. This is called bone resorption. A stable denture by the placement of the mini implant for anchors allows the chewing forces to be distributed into the jawbone like natural teeth roots. This helps to maintain the integrity of bone.

Mini Implants a Versatile Alternative Traditional Implants

Because of their size, the mini implant placement has more anatomical options. Traditional implants are limited to the area of the upper and liower jaw for placement. Often, the mandibular nerve makes placement on the lower jaw limited. With the IMTEC system, Dr. Eiswert may be able to place them closer to an optimal loading area than the wider implant systems. Likewise on the top jaw, the maxillary sinus limits placement somewhat. Often, implants in this area may require a 3D dental x ray before placement adding an additional cost to the procedure. Spaces between teeth are now able to be treated without opening the space with orthodontics in some cases. The mini implant can fit in areas the traditional implant could not.

Call SmileMakers today for a free consultation. See if the mini implant is right for you. Dr. Eiswert and his knowledgeable and caring staff are waiting to give you the smile you deserve. We are always taking new patients.we care conveniently located in Apple Valley and Helendale, CA.